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Well-practiced speech pathologist now practicing to be a children’s book writer — emphasis on practicing.

This is FASD

5 Ways to Increase Awareness of FASD

Image by N-Y-C from Pixabay

She was born lucky.

She was lucky to be born.

I’ll call her Kiaria.

It’s a Japanese name that means blessed by fortune.

Kiaria’s not her real name, but the girl I’m calling Kiaria is real.

She’s not Japanese. She’s Australian. Born to parents with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

You might think I’m being racist by telling you about her ethnicity right up front, but I’m not. I’ll explain why in a bit. Please bear with me because I have an important story to tell.

I’ve given Kiaria a number of labels already and there’s more to come, but…

Prose Poetry | Tribute

Remembering Mark on his 60th birthday

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

How can I say I wish I never knew you when to do so invalidates two-thirds of my life? There are some memories worth forgetting — yours, dear Mark, are not.

Oh, how I regret not knowing you better. Fifteen months gave us no time at all. So many questions to ask you. The answers all mine to construe. Did you see the car that hit you? I pray the night was too dark. I think of you lying there broken. The rain baptizing your brow.

I remember your windblown mullet. The feigned, self-assurance of being 17. I knew you…

Poetry | Toxic Workplace | Trust

I regret trusting you

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Please excuse me if I don’t address you
by ‘Dear Puppet’ as we both know
who you are, so there’s no need
for further ID. For the record, I should
have listened to my gut when you told
me the place was toxic. Instead, I
told you I would stay to support the needy
and do the needful. I let myself believe your
admission behooved a commitment to put
things right. You didn’t. You couldn’t. I
understand that; however, I regret
ever trusting you. …

Japanese Poetry | Australian Animals

A conversation in mondo

“Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo” by Duncan McCaskill is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

“Hey, black cockatoos
perched atop the bare branches,
what message have you today?”

“Good morning, humans.
Please don’t walk under our tree
or we might poop on your heads!”

“Thanks for warning us!
We will get out of your way.
Anything else we can do?”

“Well, now that you ask,
please make those scummy possums
move their butts out of our hole.”

“Oh, flippin’ pancakes,
not possum problems again!
What have they done to you now?”

“They think they’re so smart
That they can do what they like -
it’s our hollow tree, not theirs.”

“Struth! That really sucks.
They’ve forgotten…


But don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

baby’s tiny teeth
erupting from her gums — ouch!
chilled chew toy relief

© Carolyn Hastings 2021

In her most recent haiku prompt, Dennett asked us: What is your take on the word chew?

My thoughts jumped to my two granddaughters who are just entering teeth-sprouting phase. The chewing has begun!

But I have to be honest, my first ‘take’ when I read Dennett’s prompt was the idiom, bite off more than one can chew! That’s even closer to home than teething bubbas! I’m a terror for overestimating my capacity.

Here’s a haiku about it -

I did it again…

Musing Poetry | Aromatic Time

GiaB prompt #2–2: time

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Time is of the essence
What flavour will you choose –
the lingering sweetness of vanilla
or the zing of passionfruit?

What if time is more like spice -
which one should it be?
The all-time favourite, cinnamon
or a pinch of aniseed?

Maybe time is more herbaceous -
perennial or annual, take your pick
Lemon thyme’s a dead set winner;
seasoning slow-cooked celeriac

Do you think time could be rooted
out there in space somewhere?
Stolon networks of invasive mint,
edibles - ginger ’n’ coriander

Then there’s my magnificent moth orchid
Its spray of blooms is now fifteen
It’s been my…

Poetry | Writer’s Block | Creativity

A prosamy — thanks to Dr. Amy Pierovich

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Today I closed the lid on my laptop. I had to
walk away. “You call yourself a writer,” I scolded
the air before my nose. “A writer you might be
one day but it’s sure not happening today.” So
many half-done projects. So many more not
seeing the light of day. Words ricocheting inside
my head, shooting holes in the logic I thought I
mistakenly had. Mistakenly thought I had –

Delete. Delete. Delete.

How can I be a writer when the words refuse
to behave? Is it me or them that needs
reprogramming? Go for a walk instead. The sky
is blue…

Poetry | Adonic Verse | Anthi and M

A wedding gift-poem

Image by marla66 from Pixabay

Anthi and Her M,
Beautiful couple,
Match made in Heaven,
Blissfully smitten,
Lovers’ warm embrace,
Forever entwined.

Anthi and Her M,
Medium betrothed,
Glorious affair,
Surreal as can be.

Anthi a flower,
Her M a dreamer,
Together as one,
Celebrate with them.

Anthi and Her M’s
Wedding in Athens,
Mythical blessing,
Almighty Goddess.
Athena The Greek,
Kisses on their lips,
Joy in her presence,
They bow to her grace.

© Carolyn Hastings 2021

Anthi and M’s much-awaited, virtual wedding in Athens is just days away. September 5th to be precise. 💞

I’ve delivered on my promise of an adonic verse

Poetry | Sports

Did I win? GiaB prompt #2–1 sports

Image by ruthclark from Pixabay

Hockey one, hockey two, hockey three,
On your mark, get set, go!

Foot fault.

Neck and neck, by a nose, in the lead,
Steal a base

Slam dunk, touch down, home run,
Batter up

Strike one, strike two, you’re out!

Sin bin
Sudden-death playoff

Lbw, run out, caught behind


Out of court, off the net, on the baseline

Birdie, albatross, double bogey
Under par
On the green.

Love-15, love-30, love-40
Game, set and match
Past the post, finish line, victory
You win! 🏆 ✨

© Carolyn Hastings 2021

Let me be honest with you. I’m not…

Poetry | Shadorma in Circular Chain Verse

And stop postponing the dreams

Image by Jan-Mikael Stjernberg from Pixabay

I am me
Me myself and I
I am here
Here and now
Now is where I want to be
Be and feel alive

Alive, live
Live and make dreams real
Real to hold
Hold on tight
Tight and don’t ever let go
Go me and be I

© Carolyn Hastings 2021

At last, I can tick the box that says, Write a shadorma poem for Literary Impulse’s Uncommon Poetic Forms challenge!

I’d earmarked several of the 15 options Somsubhra Banerjee presented to us. So far, I’ve tackled four of them — lai, cethramtu rannaigechta moire, stornelli, and descort. …

Carolyn Hastings

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