Well-practiced speech pathologist now practicing to be a children’s book writer — emphasis on practicing.

The Quatrain of Seven Steps

Let’s get twittle to Mars!

A series of three round planetary shapes against a black background, overlaid by a screenshot of Elon Musk’s November 2, 2021 ‘Humankind’ tweet with the Chinese logographic version of the poem, The Quatrain of Seven Steps.
Poster constructed by writer in Canva using screenshots from Elon Musk’s Twitter account

I never thought I’d find myself thanking Elon Musk for causing such a fuss on Twitter.

I knew he had a reputation for being random and provocative with his tweets. His Twitter avatar says is all!

His recent ‘Humankind’ tweet was a case in point. It sent Twittersphere and Weibotron

Australia | Dreamtime Legend

GiaB prompt #2–6: the sun

Sky Fire at dawn — image courtesy of writer

Long, long ago, in Dreamtime legend, when land was domain of massive beasts, birds of enormous breadth ruled skies lit by moon and stars only. Man was nowhere.

Waters of Murrumbidgee ran fast and deep through vast open plains, home to emu Dinewan and birdfriend Brolga. One day, Dinewan and…

How important is it to bloggers that headlines make Google-SEO happy?

Having the right headline is a no-brainer. I get that. I understand what constitutes a good headline — deliver on the promise, specificity, readability, common vs uncommon vs jargon words, power keywords, emotive words, hook phrases, etc.

But what about length?

SEO advocates tell us to keep headlines short — preferably 6 words — while the write-headlines-like-a-pro coaches talk about headlines having enough information for the reader to answer the question, ‘Am I interested in reading this story?’

Google cuts headlines after the first 55 characters — as per this screenshot which trimmed ‘(mor)e than ten words’ from the headline.

Screenshot of a Google search page
screenshot by writer

Online headline analyzer tools penalize overly long headlines. This one scored 13/100.

Some of Medium’s top writers’ stories have long headlines with even lower SEO scores.

What gives? I’d like to know. Thanks. 🙏

Celebrating Milestones

6 truths & a conversation with my muse on her birthday

Artwork and image by writer

I’ll be honest, I’m not keen on Shakespeare;
his flowery language makes my head spin.
Macbeth, Tempest, As You Like It, King Lear —
I’m sorry, they are not my kind of thing.

But, Shakespeare did give us English sonnets;
fourteen lines of rhyming metrical verse
that challenge many talented poets
and make…

Thank You | Poetry Milestones

A twittle-treat for Halloween

Animated graphic constructed by the writer in Canva using an image by Please Don’t Sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

Dancing skeletons, candy to eat,
twittle ’n’ tweet, trick or treat,
jack-o’-lanterns, fear-o’-cheer,
It’s Halloween this time of year! 🎃

Hoo-hoo-hooray, it’s one year today
since twittles came to our screens,
100 letters, four lines in verses
poems, ditties, and memes 🎉

Hoo-hoo-hooray, it was one year ago today that…

Carolyn Hastings

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