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Twittle in a Nutshell

What’s a twittle?

Carolyn Hastings
2 min readFeb 7, 2022
A close up of an opened walnut shell displaying the two halves of a walnut resembling a human brain and suspended against a dark background scattered with small white, orange and brown circles some of which are blurred.
Assembled by writer in Canva using image by ulleo from Pixabay

A twittle is a nutty poem
in the class of a quatrain
exactly one hundred alphabet letters
a perfect workout for your brain
© Carolyn Hastings 2022

And that’s a twittle in a nutshell!
A twittle about a twittle
A meta-twittle if you will
A micropoem that rhymes just a little

Okay, so that’s two twittles!
Sorry, I got a bit carried away.
Twittles are fun but they’re addictive;
this makes three in one day!

I swear, I hadn’t intended to write three twittles! My plan had been to write one and add an explanatory note about twittles, but then twittle-brain (which may or may not resemble a walnut!) took over. And this is the result — three twittles about twittles!

In case you’re still wondering what a twittle is, here’s a no-frills definition –

A twittle is a four-line micropoem consisting of exactly 100 alphabet letters and an element of rhyme.

Twittles are perfect for tweeting on Twitter, and if I can convince Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX, they’ll be perfect to take to Mars. 😊 🚀

I’m serious! You can learn more about the Twittle To Mars campaign and how you can be part of it right here —

And if you want to taste-test, snack or binge on twittles, you’ll find what you’re looking for here —

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