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A Prayer for You, James G Brennan

Fill the night sky with your eloquent prose

Carolyn Hastings
2 min readSep 22, 2023


The tops of apartment buildings set against a night sky.
Night sky —photo taken by author from an apartment balcony in inner Melbourne, Australia — looking north-west towards James G Brennan’s home in Thailand.

I stand here
at the balcony
of a place
and let the night sky
close in and
embrace me

oh, how I ponder
and pray
to the heavens
Where are you, James?
Surely you’re there yonder
among the stars
and the stardust
an eternity of dreams
unfathomable black holes
you delved in so deep
Andromeda Alpha Centauri
Greek mythology
their mysteries revealed
reborn in a new galaxy

Do you feel it, James?
the gravitational pull-push
the pulse of the universe
alive, electrified
in bright kelly green
the stage is all set
drums beat for you
the string ‘round your toe
keeps you on course

This is my wish
this is my prayer
you fill the night sky
with your eloquent prose
the pen of your soul
in free verse let it flow
and for you, James,
my true friend, fellow poet,
wherever you go
whatever you be
may peace and love
forever bless you

Dedicated to my friend, James G Brennan, who drowned last week at the beach close to his home in Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand. A most beautiful soul, accomplished poet, king of emojis, and all-round nice guy. So sadly missed. Sincere condolences to his wife, Worakarn, their families and friends.

This is for you, James — U2’s Pride. 🙏☘🍀✨💎💝🤘🍻💥🙏

© Carolyn Hastings 2023



Carolyn Hastings

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