Well-practiced speech pathologist now practicing to be a children’s book writer — emphasis on practicing.

Prose Poetry | Marie Kondo

GiaB prompt #2–11: books

A pile of books on a pine bookshelf.
A sample of the books in my reading pile — they’re all keepers, Marie! 😃…

I have a confession to make. I’m a failure. At least I am in Marie Kondo land. When it comes to books, Marie and I don’t see eye-to-eye. She’s decluttering queen; I’m book-hoarder supreme. Hmm, not exactly true. My husband hoards more than me. That makes his problem my problem…

Paper Poetry Weekly Prompt | Ekphrastic Poetry

Flying pigs and mermaids

A hand-drawn colored pencil illustration of gumleaves with the heads of gumnut babies peeping over the top from behind the leaves.
Gumnut Babies — artwork & photo by writer with apologies to May Gibbs

pigs fly high
pots of gold
via rainbows
unicorns dance
in ferny glades
mermaids play
bask on rocks
at sundown

did you know
there’s fairies in my garden?
come and see them
hush, tippy-toe
they’re oh-so shy
can you hear them?

make believe
live and dream
imagination wonder

who’s to…

Literary Impulse’s Uncommon Fiction Forms Challenge

A 50-word mini-saga

An old man in a grey suit, navy open-necked shirt, and black bowler hat standing in a darkened room in front of a backlit window with a venetian blind.
Assembled by writer in PowerPoint using: foreground image by anaterate from Pixabay — background image…

Mother said he appeared at 2:30am. An elderly gent, immaculately dressed. She lay motionless in bed, buzzer within hand’s reach. His mouth moved as if to speak. Her hearing aids blinked in their recharging dock.

They told her later, he visits his former room.

He exited not opening the door.

Twittle-to-Mars Campaign

Elon, can you hear us?

An astronaut walking across barren red ground with a satellite dish, large dome structures, and a dark star-studded sky in the background. A speech bubble has the astronaut saying to himself, ‘Now where was I with that twittle?’
Image by simisi1 from Pixabay — modified by writer in PowerPoint

I wish for one million voices
come sing with me into the abyss
a message to SpaceX-Elon Musk
“Please, let’s get twittle to Mars.”

© Carolyn Hastings 2022

‘If your voice could be heard
by one million people,
what would you say?’

It’s a question Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) posed…

Micropoetry | Poem in 25 Words or Less

Paper Poetry’s inaugural weekly prompt: home

A pencil illustration in purple tones of a door key with a filigreed heart-shaped head and teeth in the word, HOME.
Artwork and image by writer

Dear house I call home,
together we grow old
life’s dents, scrapes, and knocks
bandaids of paint
memories etched in the bricks
for safe keeping.

© Carolyn Hastings 2022

Inviting a selection of Paper Poetry’s ✨ sparkling writers ✨ to join our inaugural weekly poetry prompt: Home
Thalia Dunn

Editing Typos | Sonnet or Sonnette

But not a complete dingbat

An emoji of a blond woman with her flat palm up against her forehead and animated stars twinkling around her head; set against a background of broad wavy bands of red, purple, blue and pink.
Disclaimer — this is not a statement about blonds! Image created by writer in Canva…

How could I be such a dingbat
to miss such a glaring typo?
I call myself an editor
I’m as dumb as they come, righteo!

I uploaded article four
when the bolt struck my cranium
“It’s Jan. twenty-twenty-two;
no longer twenty-twenty-one!”

So, what on earth was I thinking
when I wrote…

Drabble Fiction | The Rocket Pod | Australia

The story of quandong affection

A close-up of small, round, red or ripening fruit hanging from branches with long, slender green leaves.
“Santalaceae>Santalum acuminatum? Quandong DSCF6311” by Bill & Mark Bell is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

“Oh, glory be! Look at those cheeks! They’re like two ripe peaches.”

From that day on, Nancy affectionately called her great-granddaughter ‘Little Peach’. A throwback to her own childhood.

“Little peach for little lady,” Slick Mandy would say to her, his fingers unfurling to reveal a small, rosy, round fruit…

Poetry | Film

Pretense of trochaic-iambic trimeter

A partially eaten pie on a metal platter along with a tall metal coffee pot, over-turned flask and partially peeled lemon on a table covered with a white table-cloth. Original painting by Maerten Boelema de Stomme (1611–1644) — Nature morte au pâté truffé (still life with a truffle pie).
“IMG_3864Y Maerten Boelema de Stomme. 1611–1644. Haarlem. Nature morte au pâté truffé. Still life with…

“Privilege,” she protested
arising from her chair
“Privilege,” she retorted
contempt spiking the air

she tossed down her napkin
no white flag of defeat
time to defend her kind
a rally call for war

Louis’ pretense over
powdered wig on the floor
revolution brewing
Bastille falls the next morn


Carolyn Hastings

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